All you need to know about MetaPhone IDO on TonUPx

About MetaPhone

MetaPhone is the inaugural DePIN project powered by the TON blockchain, dedicated to establishing the quintessential Web3 marketing network. By furnishing users with a Web3-native smartphone, we aim to cultivate a comprehensive TON ecosystem experience. Leveraging top-tier hardware integrated with dAPP Store and TON Wallet, MetaPhone seamlessly connects millions of users, facilitating effortless access to the most sought-after TON applications. This initiative empowers users to serve as nodes in a decentralized marketing network, earning substantial rewards while relishing the fluid duality of fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

MetaPhone App Store:

Dive into the latest Web3 insights directly on your mobile. Stay ahead with Airdrops. Plus, enjoy easy transactions, unique MetaPhone perks, and discover exciting dApps.

Ultimate Vault:

Fortify your digital assets with top-tier hardware and AES encryption. Your seeds are shielded from any threat, ensuring utmost security. Embrace total privacy with features that keep your identity and transactions confidential, all managed locally.

Launch Mobile dApps with Ease:

MetaPhone Stack unlocks a universe of possibilities with its all-encompassing toolkit and Android build environment. Revolutionize the creation of mobile-first dApps and unleash your creativity. The future of decentralized applications is here.

Premium Hardware Experience:

MetaPhone has partnered with a leading 3C manufacturer to bring you a flagship device. Experience premium hardware, a streamlined Android interface, and cutting-edge Web3 features—all in one smartphone.

MetaPhone Configuration:

6.1” AMOLED Display, 512 GB Storage, 12 GB RAM, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, Integrated Secure Element.

MetaPhone Roadmap

MetaPhone Tokenomics

MetaPhone PASS:

  • What you will receive in MetaPhone IDO.
  • The only usage of MetaPhone PASS is to redeem MetaPhone NFT.
  • Every 10,000 MetaPhone PASS is eligible to redeem one MetaPhone NFT.
  1. In total, 60,000,000 MetaPhone PASS will be issued by MetaPhone. 25,000,000 MetaPhone PASS (about 41.6% of total MetaPhone PASS) will be issued on TonUPx launchpad.

  2. The only usage of MetaPhone PASS is to redeem MetaPhone NFT, which represents the ownership of MetaPhone. Every 10,000 MetaPhone PASS is eligible to redeem one MetaPhone NFT, and each MetaPhone NFT is pegged to one MetaPhone. The 25,000,000 MetaPhone PASS issued on TonUP launchpad, can be exchanged for 2500 MetaPhones. MetaPhone owners will be rewarded MetaPhone token $PHONE.

  3. Each MetaPhone NFT owner will be rewarded 105,000 $PHONE. 10% of which(10,500 $PHONE) will be rewarded by staking one MetaPhone NFT, and 90% (94,500 $PHONE) will be linearly vested upon MetaPhone delivery starting from November 2024.

MetaPhone NFT:

  • One MetaPhone NFT is redeemed by 10,000 MetaPhone PASS on the MetaPhone official website 2 days after IDO.
  • Each MetaPhone NFT is pegged to one MetaPhone.
  • MetaPhone NFT represents the ownership of MetaPhone.


  • The only utility and governance token within the MetaPhone ecosystem.
  • 30% of the total supply is distributed to 6000 MetaPhone buyers.

Here are the details of $PHONE Tokenomics:

  • Total Supply: 2,100,000,000
  • Allocation Percentage: IDO 30% (pegged to 6000 MetaPhones, 2500 MetaPhones of which will be sold on TonUP through MetaPhone PASS), Airdrop 3% (distributed to all presale register users on MetaPhone official website), Team 10%, Ecosystem 22%, Liquidity 10%, Marketing 5% and User Incentives 20%.

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#DePIN project MetaPhone completes $1 million financing to jointly build the TON DePIN ecosystem

reported by Binance News

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