$UP Token Information Disclosure Project (LUP: 2023/12/22)

This thread aims to provide the community with real-time, transparent, and open information about $UP token, including but not limited to contract address, token distribution, possible changes in the economic model, etc.

We firmly believe that maintaining transparency and openness is the best way for us and the community to build trust.

Commonly Used Information

  1. Tokenomics - TonUP
  2. $UP Jetton Address

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Update Time: 12/21/2023

We are in the process of upgrading the Token smart contract. Please note that these changes do not affect your claims and transactions. But out of our commitment to transparency, here are some statements about this contract upgrade.

1/ Why are we doing contract upgrades?

We used a non-commonly used token decimals when configuring the contract. Considering that $UP Token will be used in many scenarios in the ecosystem, we have decided to upgrade before the token claim.

2/ What will happen?

You will receive the $UP tokens and trade them normally, the only difference is that the Jetton address of the token will change. But don’t worry, none of the tokens have been distributed and we will burn them later.

3/ What is Token Decimals?

Token decimals refer to the number of decimal places that can be used in a cryptocurrency or token. This value determines how fractions of the token can be represented. In simple terms, token decimals are the smallest banknote.

4/ Are my funds safe?

Yes. Token decimals have nothing to do with the security of funds. The IDO contract is secure, and all users who grab $UP tokens in IDO will be able to claim the tokens normally.

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Update Time: 12/19/2023

$UP Token has completed minting and distribution, all tokens have been sent to the corresponding wallets;

The lock-up contract is undergoing the final debugging, during the debugging period, the team’s multi-signature wallet will temporarily manage the token; We will lock all tokens as soon as the lock-up contract is ready;

Jetton Admin permissions have been revoked, you can confirm the current contract permissions here, the total amount of $UP is limited to 100,000,000;

You can view the addresses currently holding $UP Jetton through this link.

Remarks: We used the address ending with eDEA to create $UP standard Jetton through the official creation page. You can view all activities related to the eDEA address through this link.

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Update Time: 12/22/2023

The admin privileges of the $UP Token contract have been revoked.
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