TonUP's Thanksgiving Banquet: Earn Zealy XP, Win USDT!

Greetings, TonUP Community!

As we step into the season of gratitude, TonUP is thrilled to announce our Thanksgiving Banquet.

It is a triple shot event that is designed to bring joy, laughter, and a sense of togetherness to all the web3 lovers in our vibrant community.

It is also a rare opportunity to grab USDT cash rewards from our Zealy leaderboard!

Let’s dive into the exciting activities awaiting you:

:calendar:Campaign duration: November 23rd to 29th

Activity 1: Gratitude :pray:

Gratitude is the heart of Thanksgiving, and we want to hear what you’re grateful for!

Head over to the tweet hyperlinked below, like and retweet it, and then share three things you’re thankful for in the comments.

It could be a special Twitter friend, a beloved project (we’re looking at you, TonUP!), or your most successful web3 investment.

Your gratitude might just earn you 1000 Zealy XPs! :rocket:

How to Participate:

  • Go to the tweet below.

  • Like and Retweet the tweet.

  • Comment with three things you’re grateful for.

  • Upload screenshot as proof on Zealy. See link below:

  • Get a chance to be one of 10 participants to win 1000 Zealy XPs!

Activity 2: Joyous Meme! :joy:

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, but who said it can’t be humorous too?

Show off your meme-making skills by creating a funny meme reflecting your thanksgiving mood.

Share it on Twitter with the hashtags #thanksgiving #tonup #web3 #crypto #grateful.

Then, submit the meme screenshot on Zealy (see link below) to claim 500 Zealy points.

Zealy Joyous Meme Task: Zealy - Join the movement

We’ll select five users to earn an extra 500 XPs! :tada:

Activity 3: Thanksgiving Recipe :plate_with_cutlery:

Now, let’s spice things up with a dash of humor!

Share a photo of your favorite thanksgiving recipe, edit it to include the TonUP logo, and make a tweet on Twitter to share it with the TonUP community.

Use the hashtags #thanksgiving #tonup #web3 #crypto #grateful #launchpad #IDO.

Screenshot the post and upload it on this Zealy task page to earn 700 XPs.

Zealy Thanksgiving Recipe Link: Zealy - Join the movement

Once again, five users will be selected to earn an extra 500 XPs! :cake:

Join us in celebrating the spirit of the thanksgiving season and let’s make this a joyous and memorable event for the entire TonUP community! :rocket::star2:

About TonUP:

TonUp is the premier launchpad for TON, focused on discovering and nurturing promising projects while presenting new opportunities to the entire community.

TonUP is also the sole launchpad supported by TON Foundation, TONCoin.Fund, Foresight X, AC Capital and Waterdrip. Positioned at the heart of TON’s ecosystem, TonUP holds significant influence in the Greater China region. Collaborating with TON, TonUP continues to expand its reach across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, and Turkey.

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