TonUP is Excited to Announce Partnership with RobinOpenFi!

TonUP is excited to announce our partnership with RobinOpenFi ! RobinOpenFi is leading the charge in the Web3 social gaming space, transforming 1.2 billion Web2 social interactive entertainment users into the Web3 era.

RobinOpenFi Achievements :rocket:

1/ Exclusive Web3 partner with Transsion, capturing 12.4% of the global mobile phone market.

2/ Pioneering Web3 collaboration with China Ecotourism Group, boasting annual revenues over $6.1 billion.

3/ The Hello Game platform’s Max DAU exceeds 5 million, with a user growth rate of +2000/day.

4/ Strategic partnerships with mobile industry giants OPPO, VIVO, and Huawei, reaching over 30,000 mobile terminals worldwide.

5/ Remarkable growth with daily unique visitors surpassing 5,000, average user playtime of 16 minutes, and a new user growth rate of +300% in the last 25 days.

Together with RobinOpenFi, we aim to explore new gaming application scenarios and asset opportunities based on Telegram and TON, merging the best of Web2 and Web3 for a richer, interactive, and sustainable gaming ecosystem.

About Robinfi

Robinfi is a Web3 social gaming platform providing thousands of games, NFT, digital lottery, social interaction and other entertainment content. Aiming to convert 1.2 billion social interactive entertainment Web2 users into Web3 world powered by multi-layer promotion mechanism and Easy Payment System. Strengthen with the deflationary economic business model to achieve benefits for the community.

Official Website: robinfi