Records of Buyback and Burn - TonUP Disclosure Plan

TonUPx will use platform revenue to buyback and burn $UP

We’ve been exploring ways to empower the $TonUP token as the platform token for TonUP, and now it’s time to move on to a new chapter! We are proud to launch the $TonUP token buyback program.

  1. All platform revenue generated by TonUPx will be used to buy back $UP tokens.
  2. 50% of the buybacked $TonUP tokens will be destroyed;
  3. 50% of the buybacked $TonUP token will be used for the next IDO participation reward.
    I think most of you have noticed that you receive a portion of the $TONUP reward when you participate in a $TONG launch, and yes, that is part of the program.

The fee buyback is the first part of the $TonUP empowerment, and we’ll be announcing more utilities and governance capabilities as we go along, so stay tuned!

We use this page to summarize all the buyback and burn records conducted on the TonUP platform.

Record: 1
Date: 20240324
Buyback amount: 2500 $TON 13746 $TONUP
Buyback records: Transaction · 7c64…1149
Burned amount: 13746 $TONUP
Burned records: Transaction · 5ae6…ae6b
Total Supply of $TONUP: 99,986,253.26 UP

Record: 2
Date: 20240325
Buyback amount: 5000 $TON 23390 $TONUP
Buyback records: Transaction · ee63…66e8
Burned amount: 11695 $TONUP
Burned records: Transaction · d189…9f06
Total supply of $TONUP: 99,974,558.26 UP

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Record: 3
Date: 20240327
Buyback amount: 4998.25 $TON 28302 $TONUP
Buyback records: Transaction · 1e6e…4a7d
Burned records: Transaction · 58a7…f832
Total supply of $TONUP: 99,960,407.26 UP

Record: 4
Date: 20240430
Buyback amount: 1800 $TON 18,075 $UP
Buyback records: Transaction · 27c9…27b0
Burned records: Transaction · 9b67…3933
Total supply of $TONUP: 99,951,368.13 UP

In order to track the records of buybacks and burns more transparently, we have activated tonup-buyback.ton to document the process of buybacks and burns.


Record: 5
Date: 20240510 - 20240519
Buyback amount: 5000 $TON 90,689.41 $UP
Buyback records: tonup-buyback.ton · Tonviewer
Burned records: Transaction · fa46…bdaa
Total supply of $TONUP: 99,906,023.63 UP

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Record: 6
Date: 20240529 - 20240607
Buyback amount: 2400 $TON 49,862.86 $UP
Buyback records: tonup-buyback.ton · Tonviewer
Burned records: Transaction · 6dcd…887f
Total supply of $TONUP:
99,870,753.67 UP

Record: 7
Date: 20240624
Burned amount: $1612.09 UP
Burned records: Transaction · 5e09…77e6

Record: 8
Date: 20240626
Burned amount: 19,015 $UP
Burned records: Transaction · 65ef…56bd
Total supply of $TONUP: 99,850,126.58

Record: 9
Date: 20240721
Buyback amount: 12,791 $UP 703.65 $TON
Burned amount: 12,791 $UP
Buyback records: Transaction · 8241…658d
Burned records: Transaction · f407…3d18
Total supply of $TONUP: 99,837,335.58