Imagine the future of TON public chain in 2030

The future of TON:

It’s 2030, and there is no concept of legal tender in the world, only TON, which is used all over the world.

New york, USA.

In the New York Stock Exchange Building on Wall Street, at ten o’clock in the morning, the bustling securities traders are staring at the big screen, and all the stock prices on it are already based on TON. At this time, the Federal Reserve has disappeared for N years, and TON has already replaced the US dollar as the most basic unit of valuation in the United States. .

In this day and age, even the NYSE building is worth 10,000 TON pieces.


A noble courtyard of the Qing Dynasty with a history of hundreds of years is being put on the market at this time. . .

“How much is this yard?” . . . Seeing the sales advertisement, a suit and tie, personable, boss of an emerging listed company, stepped forward and asked.

“This big house is already a cultural relic, with a price of 100 tons.” … The seller deadpan replied.

Hearing the seller’s words, the boss shook his head and left sadly. He couldn’t help muttering, "Even if it is me, I will work for 100 years without eating or drinking. . On this yard, ordinary people can’t afford it even if they work for a thousand years! "

After the boss left, the sales office was calm again. .

Only a trembling centenarian named Duck Head in the corner, still carrying a broom, stooped and silently sweeping the floor, just for a self-reliant change of food.

A cloudy tear appeared in the corner of his eye, and he couldn’t help but recall the winter in 2019.

That winter, he sold his 10,000 Tons at 0.78USDT, and then there was no money to buy them back!