Empowering the Future with TApps | Why building on TON AMA Script

Empowering the Future with TApps | TON-Chain Leaders Discuss Telegram Integration and Revolutionary Prospects in Gaming and DeFi Sectors

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• Daria(Ton Play Insider
• Axenia(Getgems
• Max(Ston.fi
• Andrei(Rubic
• Rebecca(Tap Fantasy

:one:. When considering blockchain solutions, have you explored other blockchain approaches? What do you think are the advantages of the TON chain compared to other chains?

Rebecca (Tap Fantasy):
In our opinion, the most significant advantage of TON is its deep integration with Telegram. With Telegram boasting a monthly active user base of 800 million, projects on TON inherently have access to a vast audience.

Technologically, we emphasized the rapid transaction speeds and low gas fees of the TON network, though I admit my technical understanding might be limited.

Andrei (Rubic):
We have collaborated with over 50 different blockchains. While some were mere integrations, with others, we embarked on full-fledged partnerships. I believe TON holds a promising trajectory, primarily because of its close ties with Telegram. The current objective for TON, is to capitalize on the vast and ever-growing Telegram user base, especially in Asian regions. However, I also noted that there’s a lot more to be accomplished in terms of community building, overall development, and particularly in the DeFi sector.

:two: Regarding the unique nature of the TON ecosystem, its emphasis on tApps strategy, and integration with Telegram:

Max (Ston Fi):
I believe that TON is the only blockchain that can may achieve mass adoption, not just due to its connection with Telegram, but also because of the user-friendly interfaces of the tApps. Other blockchains, like Ethereum, pose challenges for newcomers. However, on TON, everything is simplified. Each project is designed with a focus on onboarding new users, providing them with guides for even the simplest operations. This allows anyone to easily onboard into the TON ecosystem and use tApps, regardless of their experience with blockchain. To me, this is the primary advantage of TON and what sets it apart from other blockchains.

Daria (TON Play Insider):
When it comes to promoting games, tApps seem almost magical. The integration with platforms like Telegram enhances user engagement and offers a plethora of opportunities. As we’re currently building a game marketplace, we’re incorporating both web2 and web3 games. For web3 games, we’re advising them to harness the full potential of Telegram. Ultimately, I believe that the growth in use-cases and users, combined with a simplified adoption process, will lead to a surge in transactions. The beauty of tApps is that you don’t need to switch between applications; everything is integrated. That’s the essence of our perspective.

Rebecca (Tap Fantasy):
When it comes to tApps, or Telegram Applications, they offer an unparalleled convenience. Many TON-based projects are developing their own tApps or Telegram bots. These bots negate the need to download separate dApps. Users can simply search and interact with the bot on Telegram. This approach closely mirrors the concept of mini-programs on platforms like WeChat. It bridges the gap, making the transition from web2 to web3 almost seamless, simplifying the introduction of web2 users to the crypto world.

GetGems (Axenia):
Comparing dApps on other blockchains to tApps on Telegram highlights a pivotal shift. Typically, to use a dApp, users need to set up a wallet, memorize a long passphrase, and go through a complex process. This has always been a barrier for regular users transitioning to web3. However, Telegram is rapidly evolving to remove these barriers. Users often don’t even realize they’re interacting with features from the crypto realm, like NFTs. Telegram already has an in-built wallet feature, allowing users to effortlessly interact with tApps, whether for gaming or transferring NFTs. The beauty lies in the simplicity, removing the need for additional wallets, passwords, or phrases. This ease of adoption is what we’re all aiming for, and with the continuous innovations in the TON system, the future looks promising.

:three:: Regarding the future potential and breakout use cases of TON for this year:

Rebecca (Tap Fantasy):
I’m quite optimistic about the potential of the decentralized exchange (DEX) sector within the TON ecosystem. As TON gains more traction and recognition, there’s a rising eagerness among users to delve into this ecosystem. The primary interaction for many newcomers is to acquire tokens, and this has bolstered the demand for trading platforms. The increasing popularity of projects such as Unibot substantiates this claim. Given that trading is an intrinsic aspect for crypto users, I foresee DEX platforms playing a pivotal role and experiencing a surge this year.

Andrei (Rubic):
Gaming, in my perspective, holds immense promise. We’ve observed some stellar applications, integrated directly by Telegram, gaining traction, like the game of studying. However, I harbor concerns regarding wallet security and features like swaps. Before swaps can be fully embraced on Telegram, there needs to be irrefutable proof of its security, ensuring that users’ funds remain impervious to theft. In my estimation, the primary concern for crypto traders and users alike revolves around security. Before delving into any dApps, users will demand absolute assurance regarding their safety.

Max (Ston Fi):
I concur with the sentiment regarding the potential of DEX and GameFI. It’s essential to recognize that TON is still in its nascent stages, and the potential for growth is monumental. The synergy of use cases within the TON blockchain will be a significant determinant of its success. At Ston.Fi, we’ve developed a key that serves as an invaluable tool for all projects and developers within TON. Every project, whether it’s focused on GameFi or collectibles, can effortlessly integrate this dApp into their products, offering a seamless exchange experience for users. I am bullish about the prospects of the DeFi sector, GameFi, and NFT collectibles for this year and beyond.

Axenia (GetGems):
Building on Max’s point about NFTs and collectibles, I believe we’re currently in an era of immense opportunity for creators. Our experiments over the past year have yielded encouraging results, and the integration possibilities within Telegram open up avenues to cater to a broader audience. To provide a perspective: even during crypto market fluctuations, our fun and innovative approaches to NFT collections on GetGems have consistently sold out thousands of NFTs within minutes each week.

The demand is clearly there, with users seeking unique, affordable, and entertaining digital assets. As TON expands its horizons, I’m confident that it will present a plethora of opportunities for brands, developers, and essentially anyone looking to explore and capitalize on web3 opportunities for their endeavors.

:four:: Insights on the participants’ view of their respective sectors within the TON ecosystem and the opportunities for their projects:

Rebecca (Tap Fantasy):
The gaming landscape on the blockchain offers a radical shift from traditional models. Blockchain technology promises true ownership and secure transactions for virtual assets within games. This is transformative, as players can have actual possession of their in-game items and characters, something that’s often missing in traditional gaming landscapes.

Moreover, tokenomics and tokenization can revolutionize the in-game economic models, making them more transparent and equitable. While challenges persist in the realms of user experience, scalability, and gameplay, the growth of TON and the introduction of tApps provide pathways to overcome these. Tap Fantasy’s exploration into cross-chain integration with TON is rooted in these opportunities.

Andrei (Rubic):
The online sector’s direction is towards achieving cross-chain compatibility. In the span of just a few months, we’ve incorporated numerous chains, and TON stands out as a significant addition. Rubic is not just about facilitating on-chain swaps; we offer multiple features that projects can leverage via SDK or API. We aim to augment the user experience in the TON ecosystem, and we’re always eager to partner with platforms that boost liquidity and provide diverse options for swaps. Our allegiance lies with enhancing the TON ecosystem, and we’re committed to its growth trajectory.

Axenia (GetGems):
In the realm of NFTs and collectibles on TON, our vision revolves around democratizing the web3 space. We aim to make the TON ecosystem accessible to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with web3. Through GameFi mechanics and NFTs, we intend to engage users in various activities, making the entire experience enjoyable. The ultimate goal is to make the creation of NFTs cost-effective, allowing creators to produce vast quantities for minimal expenditure in $TONs. We’re focused on enabling any idea to metamorphose into a tangible project, thereby attracting and engaging vast audiences.

Max (Ston Fi):
Our endeavors in the DeFi sector are geared towards pioneering the ‘zero trust cross DEX’ segment, leveraging a unique technological framework. The TON blockchain, at present, doesn’t have a plethora of tokens for trading. As we anticipate prominent projects to join the TON ecosystem, we expect them to draw in a new audience and enhance trading volumes. The growth trajectory we’ve observed, especially post our incentive campaigns, is promising. We’re bullish on the DeFi sector’s prospects within TON and eagerly await new developers and projects to join and enrich the TON ecosystem.

Daria (TON Play Insider):
From Play Insider’s perspective, our focus is on supporting game developers with their ideas and offering infrastructural solutions tailored for TON. With products like ‘Play Deck’, we’re committed to transforming the current web2 projects into the web3 domain. The objective is to bridge the gap between traditional gaming models and the crypto-centric ones, pushing developers to embrace a ‘Web 2.5’ model. As the crypto space continues to evolve, our mission remains to support and uplift the gaming community within the TON ecosystem.

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