Discover TonTogether's Lottery Draw Rules

:slot_machine: Have you ever wondered about the draw rules of our no-loss lottery game? Let’s take a closer look.

:alarm_clock: TonTogether’s no-loss prize saving game operates on a fixed-time draw system. Instead of relying on the prize pool reaching a specific size, our lottery draws occur at predetermined intervals.

:gem:But here’s the exciting part:

  • TonTogether offers different reward cycle options for users to choose from. This means you have the flexibility to participate in lotteries with varying durations, allowing you to align your participation with your preferences.

  • By having fixed-time draws, TonTogether ensures regular and predictable lottery events, creating an engaging experience for all users. Whether you prefer shorter or longer reward cycles, we got you covered!

:rocket:Stay tuned for our upcoming Mainnet Beta version, where you can experience this innovative concept firsthand!

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