About the Contest Workshop S1

TONEco Community Writing Workshop

Hosting Party: TON Foundation, Microcosm Labs, TonUP

1st Season Duration: December 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023

Community members are invited to upload articles related to TON on the article integration platform Contest Workshop S1 - TonUP Community. Topics may include, but are not limited to, technical research findings, trend analysis, comparisons with other public blockchains, etc. There are no restrictions on the form of viewpoints or content.

Total Prize Pool: 500 $TON
:moneybag: 100 $TON for 5 selected articles

Selection Mechanism:
Winning article rankings will be based on: Total likes per article (25%) + Total reads per article (25%) + Total read time of recent contributions by the account (25%) + External link click counts (25%).

Participation Rules and Details:

  • To maintain high quality and originality of content, explicit citation of sources is emphasized, and careful verification of information will be conducted. Participants are encouraged to reference high-quality content, and any form of plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Professional staff from the TON Foundation will supervise the content to ensure compliance with the rules. Articles violating these originality and citation rules will be excluded from the competition. To avoid mere replication of existing data, each article is required to have at least 60% of its content as a first-time publication on the internet, ensuring uniqueness and innovation.
  • Language Restrictions: Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, English, Turkish, Japanese, Korean.

Selection Dates and Timetable:

  • Submission Period: December 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023
  • Evaluation Period: Jan 1, 2023 - Jan 7, 2023
  • Announcement of Essay Contest Winners: Jan 8, 2023

:writing_hand: Drop your TON insights NOW! Don’t forget to check the ‘Contest Workshop S1’ under categories, before the post!! :blush:

About TonUP

TonUP is a distinguished Launchpad platform operating on the TON Blockchain, dedicated to identifying and fostering high-potential projects, showcasing new opportunities to the entire community. Since our inception, we have been warmly supported by TON Foundation, TONCoin.Fund, and ForesightX. Our mission is to back assets with significant potential on the TON Blockchain and contribute to the growth of the TON ecosystem.

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Well I believe my insight for TON is knowing our customer and having a good even if it is a small market range

running smoothly and stronger then ever. This project is a main player in crypto finance and it will be very great. An amazing project this is.



By Dec - 31 -2023, the First Season of Writing Contest Workshop is Officially ended!

We will announce the 5 winners and ask for the TON Address on the Jan 7th! Stay Tuned, Cheers for the new year!!


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The TonUP Q4 2023 Writing Contest concluded on December 31st.

Please visit the following Google Spreadsheet to check your ranking and participation statistics.

If you find yourself listed among the winners, leave your TON address in the comments of this post using your winning account, and we will proceed with the rewards and provide the corresponding transaction hash.


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Özlem 34: Congratulations to the winning authors!
My Ton Wallet is:


Ton wallet


謝謝各位讀者的支持以及 TonUP 官方的認可。


congratulations fam !! you all deserve it. great articles :wink:

gregori cordova

Thanks, My address:



hey guys, please check your account, the rewards has been distributed! :point_up_2: