🚀 We are glad to support PixelSwap, the first weighted pool DEX on TON!

We believed that PixelSwap is improving key challenges in the existing liquidity market with its innovative features:

:one: Unique Trading Algorithm: PixelSwap introduces the weighted pool algorithm, allowing more assets to be injected into the liquidity pool on one side. This greatly reduces trading slippage and improves capital efficiency.

:two: Jetton/Jetton Atomic Swap: PixelSwap has implemented the Jetton/Jetton swap function with TON as the path, enabling two different Jettons to be directly exchanged, thereby greatly improving the user experience.

:three: Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools: PixelSwap can assist new projects to complete the token launch in the event of single-sided asset liquidity scarcity, using the LBP method.

We believe PixelSwap will markedly boost Jetton liquidity in the TON ecosystem. Consequently, we are providing PixelSwap with grants and additional support.

We are delighted to learn from the PixelSwap team that their product has made significant progress and is currently undergoing further testing.

:point_right: Learn more about PixelSwap here.