Bo3.AI Seeks Move to TON Grants

We are delighted announce Bot3.AI’s application to the “Move to TON” grants program, marking our keen interest in contributing to the TON ecosystem.

Introducing Bot3.AI

Bot3.AI stands at the forefront of Web3 chat-to-earn social clubs, reshaping interactions through immersive AI-powered roleplay conversations. Offering a diverse array of over 65,000 scenarios and roleplay agents, Bot3.AI caters to a wide spectrum of emotional needs while empowering users to create their own chatbots. With its multilingual capabilities, Bot3.AI facilitates seamless global interactions, transcending language barriers. Users immerse themselves in chat-to-earn modes, earning token rewards by engaging in dialogue and staking top-tier AI roles, all within captivating roleplay environments.

Rapid Growth

Since its inception in September 2023, Bot3.AI has flourished, boasting 65,684 AI agents and a monthly active user base exceeding 1.08 million from over 200 countries and regions. Our recent inclusion in the Telegram Apps Centre underscores our commitment to providing users with accessible and engaging roleplay experiences.

Why Bot3.AI on TON?

Bot3.AI leverages ANSWER42 LLM, tailored for immersive roleplay interactions, to ensure an enriched user experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art algorithms, Bot3.AI adeptly navigates the intricacies of roleplay conversations while prioritizing user privacy and security. Answer42 facilitates unparalleled customization, allowing users to tailor their experiences to their preferences seamlessly. Its dynamic deep learning capabilities enhance user engagement, setting Bot3.AI apart as a pioneering platform.

What’s Next?

Bot3.AI has achieved significant milestones since its inception:

  • September 2023: Successful launch of the Alpha PC Version
  • October 2023: Establishment of a revenue stream
  • November 2023: Launch of the Mobile PWA Version
  • January 2024: Daily Active Users surpassing 10,000
  • April 2024: Introduction of the Telegram Mini dApp
  • May 2024: Inclusion in the Telegram Apps Center

Looking ahead, Bot3.AI remains committed to enhancing user benefits and aims to evolve into a universally accessible platform, serving users worldwide.

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